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We help you to move your business online!

We utilise the interactive nature of the web and combine it with the latest technologies to provide customised web solution with interactive user experience and robust behind-the-scene functionality.

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How we work

Our software company has been delivering web application development services since 2010, and for this period of time, we have catered hundreds of companies and organisations meeting their online goals and helping to increase their productivity. Whether you need:
  • an application for internal processes optimisation used only within your firm(Intranet);
  • a web application for better interaction with your business partners (Extranet);
  • or an online system available to your potential and loyal customers such as e-commerce site, informative, or any other type;
Our development firm will offer you the most suitable web solution for your company. We develop web application with an agile approach. Our team keep to the transparent, iterative and flexible process of development to build apps rapidly, handling any change requests, and preserving good quality.


It is important to make sure that your web software is easy to use. App usability will influence its efficiency. We create several design layouts and navigation map before we start coding. You can pick the interface you like the more and make improvements in its navigation to make it more intuitive for you and your employees. Our app designers try to preserve your business identity that users can easily say that it belongs to your company with the first look at your web app. We also conduct UX tests with a group of people who fit your target audience description to make sure that they have no difficulties with your app.

Data security

For business, data is the main treasure which should be hidden from competitors. We understand its importance and develop business applications with a stress on its security. We apply strict security protocols to protect your application from CSRF attacks and SQL injections. We also conduct security tests to see if your application is vulnerable to attacks or there is any information leakage and if we see any threat for your data, we do our best to improve your program until it covers all security concepts:
  • Confidentiality;
  • Integrity;
  • Authentication;
  • Authorization;
  • Availability;
  • Nonrepudiation.


We believe that our web solution helps your business to grow and evolve. That is why we prepare your web tool for the future growth of users and data stored and processed. Scalable solutions can be achieved thanks to cloud services, caching, NoSQL Databases and load balancing. Our immense experience in providing development services for enterprises helps us to ensure scalability, compatibility and speed for your web application. QA department conducts load and stress tests to ensure that your app will be able to work even with multiple users working with it simultaneously.

High quality

Our QA department starts thinking of your app quality before the first line of code was written by our web developers. They predict and find solutions to the most challenging problems that may occur when we start to develop an app and keep testing your web software every time new implementations were made. Your project success, your app excellent performance and look are the criteria our QA experts emphasise and strive to achieve.
Our immense experience in providing development services for different business niches helps us to ensure scalability, compatibility and speed for your web application development project.

What we do


Bespoke Web Application Development

We offer bespoke web development services tailoring your app from the scratch to meet all your requirements. Bespoke app development means that your web app can be made to do anything you need. Our web developers deliver online solutions that do not require storage space and can be accessed from any device due to responsive and adaptive designs. Your employees and staff can access it from their devices browsers and securely manage mission-critical information. Our software company offers a full range of app development services:
  • Project validation and scoping;
  • Wireframing and prototyping;
  • Design and development;
  • Testing and high-quality assurance;
  • Maintenance and support;
  • Free Internet consultancy.
We can even integrate third-party software system you used to work with and optimise it to cater your needs. Our software developers can build a secure and stable web solution that will allow interacting with data on another system.

Why bespoke?

The Internet has changed the way we interact with our computers, tablets, and smartphones. And web application is a way to improve your interaction with the Internet, devices, and people. Bespoke web application development services provide you even bigger benefits.
  • Easy-to-use. It is tailored to you and your company, it has no bunch of useless features which only confuse your employees and customers. It works the way you need it;
  • Control. You yourself make decisions about changes and implementations of the features you need in your software whenever you want. You control your software development, updates, and upgrades. It belongs to you;
  • Fewer errors. Bespoke software matches your needs and practices, it automates processes, streamlines operations, improves your company's efficiency and reduces supervision.
  • Long-term cost efficiency. When you purchase off-the-shelf software, you receive programs that cannot ensure increasing productivity, because they were developed for common usage, not for your specifications. Besides, you need to pay for them every month. Bespoke application development is a one-time purchasing, which belongs to you and works for you.

Benefits of Bespoke Apps

Web application itself comparing to non-web applications have a number of advantages, such as:
  • It is accessible to a mass audience without installation. People just need Internet access and browser;
  • It is easier to update, unlike desktop application. It is enough to update it at one place, on server it runs, while desktop one requires individual amendments to be made;
  • As an interactive website it receives more return visitors, so it scores better.

Competent Web Developers

Our software developers have strong expertise with the leading web technologies which allow building proficient software solutions. We benefit from them using:
  • an easy integration with web applications and web services,
  • a code sharing which increase the development speed,
  • a high level of security and many others that can change the way you run your business.
Web app developers utilise different technologies depending on the requirements of a particular case. Nevertheless, our web programmers are well-versed in both
  • Client Side Scripting technologies, such as CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5, AJAX and others;
  • Server Side technologies, such as ASP.NET, Python, Ruba and others.
And we are ready to use our skills and knowledge to help you achieve your business goals. When our developers deliver a program, they ensure that it has clean and readable code which is easy to maintain and work with even for new coming developers. Broad access to numerous JavaScript libraries and frameworks (such as jQuery, AngularJS, D3 js.) and good knowledge of web programming languages including Java, Objective-C, PHP - this wealth of expertise helps us to cater any client’s needs.
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PHP is a server-side and general-purpose programming language. It is a leading programming language for writing web application at present. We keep with the latest PHP frameworks such as CakePHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter to make our solutions fit your requirements and needs whether you need CMS customisation and enhancement, social functionality, payment gateway integration or real-time communication.
.Net is a Microsoft software framework with a large class library. This framework provides language interoperability across several programming languages. Our app programmers used .NET development to develop Corporate Information Systems, Web Portals, Financial data management and analytics software. We also used this technology for electronic record-keeping and seamless customer relationship management integration.
Java is a general-purpose programming language. It is concurrent, object-oriented, and class-based and allows code run on all platforms without the recompilation. We utilised Java technologies working with voice over Internet Protocols, custom e-Learning solutions. It is also used in the development of ad inventory management tool, customer loyalty programs and many other development cases.
HTML5 is a markup language which developers use for structuring and presenting content of the web page. Upgraded in 2014 it improves web page load time and allows implement video without additional technologies such as Flash. We often use it in combination with JavaScript to create stunning visual effects, advanced data visualisation, responsive web design and so much more.

Web Apps over Websites

Many people will hardly say what is the difference between a website and web-based app. Pretty often, the Web application is a website with a higher level of interactivity.

Website purposes

The primary purpose of site is usually an informative one:

  • it provides information about company activity,
  • Organisation history, services and products,
  • it gives contact information and calls to action,
  • it can also contain articles, news, instructions, educational material and so on .

What is a web application for?

While web application is a task-focused website, it aims at performing some functions set by user and web apps variety is much bigger. They can:

  • be writing and editing tools like Google Docs and Grammarly;
  • process, analyse and report data like Google Analytics and SimilarWeb;
  • be portal web apps such as forums, chats, emails, browsers, areas accessed through registrations and others.
  • automate some internal process with smart web app;
  • Can keep track of your customers and vendors (customer relationship management system or CRM);
  • make online reservations and orders;
  • be useful tools in project management, HR, and inventory management;
  • help you edit and update your website, add new content and remove the old one (content management system or CMS).

It is hard to say what you can’t do with a bespoke sophisticated web application. If you tell us more about your problem we can help you to find a web solution that will deal with it.

Our web app development services

  • Our strong and talented in-house team has been providing software development services for business since 2010;
  • Each of our web developers is an experienced specialist with dozens of projects in multiple industries under belt;
  • We use agile methods to ensure that we meet your requirements;
  • Our developers keep to the universal and corporate coding standards and guidelines delivering high-quality code which is easy to maintain;
  • We use latest technologies to develop web app with robust functionality and appealing interface;
  • QA department runs tests to ensure your web app looks and work great on any device via any browser;
  • We build long-term relationships with our customers helping them to upgrade their program when they need, develop new projects and helping with expert advice.