UsitCamp: about our team

UsitCamp aimed at helping your business to tap into the online world and benefit from web technologies to the full extent. In our work, we combine our technical expertise, innovations, and creativity to provide the best web experience.

Our company offers a full range of web development services as our business-driven and skilled team includes:

  • Project Managers: Verify your app idea and estimate the project;
  • Business Analysts: Study your target audience and competitors, research the market;
  • Web Designers: Prototype your web solution and map out the UI design layout and UX navigation map;
  • Web Developers: Write a robust and secure code;
  • QA Experts: Run QA-testing and fix bugs.

We clearly understand users needs and expectations and have rich expertise in all the aspects of the web development process from architecture to deployment. The combination of our in-depth understanding of user behaviour and competence in web industry ensure the creation of intuitive and highly-functional web apps for companies who expect the best in web development services.

Our Values

  • We have chosen our major focus and adhere to it keeping improving our competence and expertise level. We don’t offer SEO, media planning and hundreds of other services but provide first-class web development from very scratch to the launch and do it great!
  • Our company has a people-centred approach. We build software that people love and rave about. Whether it is your employees or customers, we will prioritise your and their needs and expectations.
  • We are perfectionists in everything. We believe that only high-quality and tested tools can be delivered to our customers. That is why throughout the development process we analyse and test our software products elimination and fixing any bugs to ensure that we create a tool that it will provide benefits, not a headache to your business.