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We develop compelling Android apps that people love.

Whatever business goals your company pursue, our laborious team of developers with more than 150 mobile experts will work carefully with you to create a powerful and innovative solution that will satisfy the most demanding requirements of your enterprise.

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Android App Development Services

Specialised Android developers are ready to undertake any task, applying their vast experience and expert knowledge.
  • Android app code audit
  • Bespoke Android development;
  • Consulting, UI/UX design, QA;
  • Android to iOS porting;
  • Integration of Android software with existing solutions;
  • Launch in the Google Play, support, maintenance and platform updates;
  • Google Play Market optimisation.
For every product produced by our developers, we guarantee:
  • Proven Waterfall approach for well-planned specifications or Agile method with quick ramp-up and included sprints and scrums for productive work with your ideas;
  • Full in-house production cycle.
  • Digital copyright

Advanced Business Apps

Our expert Android developers offer clients only the most useful and perfectly developed software for business needs. The comprehensive combination of skills, including business software creation, advanced network management, reporting solutions, custom software development, allow us to declare that we can deliver all types of services and support for the clients, aiming to expand presence of our technology to their business objectives as they exist today, and will be tomorrow.

Skillful Development Team

Our team of developers has an excellent experience in elaboration of various strategic business apps for enterprises. Our developers have built a number of highly prosperous projects in the last years; thus we can assure that our specialists can brag about the proven working patterns and a capability to use the latest concepts of the sphere of modern business software development. These programs can be based on very certain processes or include even all corporate systems with the integrated production process, and CRM together with HR tools.
Our team of Android app developers is exceptional in the business. We have a thoroughly selected staff with a wide range of skills, talented in dozens of technology stacks.
We love both Android and iOS, but the open nature of Android just means it permits features that others just cannot. Here are our favourite Android apps functions which we can implement in your products to make them the most attractive and handy.

Mobile App Development Expertise

We consider Android app development to be one of our main strengths. The developers have worked to create powerful native programs for the Android platform that supply compelling consumer reviews. Our developers have experience with nearly every Android OS variant.
An utterly unique mix of fortune organisations and advanced-thinking startups have partnered with our agency to amplify Android apps that interact, encourage and solve numerous problems of businesses. If you have a vision of a project, our developers will turn it into life.
  • Java, Corona, Titanium
  • HTML5, CSS3, C#, C++
  • Ruby on Rails, Node.js
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    Rapid Prototyping
  • tab_3
    Product strategy
  • tab_4
    Android development
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Our team will thoroughly work with you to create the mobile strategy, discover and prioritise product capabilities, build the product roadmap, and supply a clickable prototype. As a result, you will get everything to obtain buy-in, entice investors, and start developing the minimum viable product.
  • Frame The Task
    • Understand business goals for the mobile product
    • Result: reliable mobile strategy
  • Capture Ideas
    • Generate, and prioritise features of the product
    • Result: Product Definition
  • Reach the goals
    • Create a visual representation to be validated
    • Result: App Prototype
App development for Android does not begin or end with the programming. There are numerous shifting parts and other task factors that are integral to the achievement of the initial intentions. That is why product strategy is an integral part of our development services. The product strategy is based on the creation of a wireframe, organising product parameters, and defining the scope and requirements for each venture project on a case-by-case foundation. At this stage, the developers take advantage of insights, internal expertise, present day trends, and proven strategies to define the appropriate answer for our clients. Our approach generally includes the following components:
  • Evaluation of insights and mobile tendencies pertinent to client industries
  • Engagement with customers to determine desires and challenges
  • Preliminary assessment of wishes and requirements taking into account stakeholders’ views
  • Determination of enterprise logic
  • Goal setting, advertising and marketing planning
The solution created at this stage is used to define tasks for the development and design stages.

The Basics of Android Development

To receive the maximum response from the target audience, it is important to reach them on the go, which is possible only when the mobile app is useful. The process of development can be quite expensive and can take time; however, with advance planning and correct accomplishment, it is possible to mitigate risk.

MVP (Minimum Valuable Product)

The remarkable strategy would consist in creating very simple application version with key functionality which could be tested in real time. Unlike an end product, MVP - is more preliminary draft which shows to end users its potential. Such development minimises costs and allows to check the initial concept, without facing high risks of development something that will not gain popularity on the market when it is launched.

MMP (Minimum Market Product)

Unlike MVP, MMP is the product created in particular for early product output. The product is started quickly with the most corresponding functions, and then the money made at early stages is used to continue to finance and develop a prototype in something more considerable. MMP costs also are very low in comparison with complete Android apps.

Design Based on Functionality

From the initial idea to the last polish, our design is entirely based on functionality and convenience for users. Our designers create the perfect layout that is not only a beautiful picture but a highly productive tool for interaction with the Android app. The design aspect of our custom app development encompasses the centre aesthetic and UX elements of the product, such as wireframes, fonts, style, mockups, colour palettes, and the overall visual identity of the app. At every stage of product creation, we work in close cooperation with a client to ensure that needs are being met.

Our Android testers undertake the full QA on multiple devices, in different environments. We conduct profound app testing throughout the whole development cycle, including manual and automated testing and visual QA, to ensure that the product functions perfectly and gain positive user experience.

Our approach includes the following aspects:

  • Manual and automated testing by in-house team of Android engineers
  • QA Consulting
  • Integrated testing that spans the overall development cycle

Our working methods allow us to test, discover, and fix an error that may rise at some point of the project lifecycle. During the development process, we provide transparency and encourage collaboration with the clients at every stage.


In our application development company, we never withdraw after the product has been released. We maintain the clients in the long run, helping to extract the full value out of the software, maximising the profits, updating the program in line with the trends of the digital market and ensuring the best user experience.

What we do to keep the app up-to-date:

  • Bug fixing
  • Analytics research
  • Update releases
  • Optimisation based on the user reviews and changing needs
  • User involvement and retention management

From the simple text content predictors like Swiftkey to the revolutionary like Swype, you have a lot of excellent keyboard alternatives on Android. Typing on a tiny mobile keyboard is not always as convenient as it could be, so it is fantastic that Android presents such variety of options to make it as painless for users as possible.

When we develop software, our developers always plan the ways of interaction with the interface, and you can be sure, that it will be no problem to type and send messages in the app even on small screens.

One of the most practical and useful Android apps is Tasker - the automation program that can flip settings on and off in certain apps, by the time of day, location and any other condition you can think of. If this program does not meet all the needs, our developers can create the absolutely innovative program to control the operation of the device. With the right custom program, you will get access to the deepest settings, which is something just hardly possible on other platforms.

Custom home launchers

If you need some special features on the home screen of the device, that will be able to connect you directly with the business activity or give access to the ongoing processes of the enterprise, our Android developers will surely provide the right solution: gestures, different kinds of shortcuts, or even low-level settings can speed up a mobile phone for more productive business use.

When you need something to be always visible, like workflow activities or circulation of corporate transport our developers can build a convenient widget for the custom enterprise app. It can take up some space or cover a half of the home screen; there are no restraints for creativity. No less useful the to-do lists widgets, that always remind about important business events and will have the features you need.

Upgrade your apps

There are miles opportunities for the developers to create apps that give advanced features on Android. If you already have mobile software that does not satisfy the growing needs of your business, we can take it, tweak all over and build a new upgraded version to meet all the requirements. Of course, it is not so easy as it seems, and sometimes may need the full code rewriting and result in greater expenses. That is why we always advise our clients to think of custom application developed from scratch. Anyway, for our developers, there is nothing impossible.