Our App Design Company: Professional Approach to Applications

Dedicating our expertise to meet the client’s needs in establishing the best user experience possible is what our company is proud of. The apps we create substantially pay off and bring benefits to its owners.

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Professional Approach to Development

Designing an application has never come easily, especially nowadays, when the rapid increase in technology innovations barely allows modern users and developers to keep up. For many renowned app design companies, it is crystal clear - by so little as supplying the desired item or service, we are not investing everything into our trusted customer. What we require to do, however, is provide compelling marketing advice and counsel in choosing an option that corresponds with budget and meet the client’s requirements. The services offered in the field of application design and development stretches to iOS and Android platforms, includes e-commerce, web development, marketing and branding.The app design service experts focus on the end-user to design usable, engaging, and functional products.

The Process of Development

When a new project is coming up, what we do first is to grasp all the details and specifications of our clients perspective and expectations they have. Listening is essential as every client is unique and has a personal concept of an end result which is about to be created. At the time when the developers and the customer work out and agree upon an idea, the team of experts starts the routine. Then the team following client's demands decides on functions and features the app will possess. What goes next is planning the UI and an ideal way to represent the brand, the image it will convey. The next stage is when the actual application development takes a start. The rapid and efficient method we use is Agile.

The Agile Approach

Agile is a method used in software development process when the teams unite in self-regulated cross discussion and cooperation to discover new superior solutions, ameliorate the previous projects or rethink the whole product. Among Agile advantages is an efficient start, scrupulous planning, team flexibility, constant change that leads to the improved and exceptional results in the long run. The basis for this method was originated in 2001 in the Agile Manifesto.
Broad knowledge and experience in the sphere of enterprise software development enable our company to deliver with a professional attitude and in time, bearing in mind the demands and requests made and bringing the ideas to an actual product.

Strategies in Application Design

Bespoke Web Application Development
Working with us means collaborating with a team of ambitious professionals who strive for the higher goal with every challenge they are confronted with. We are always open for communicative debate and eager to solve the task you have for us. The strategies we design don’t expire, they only gain efficiency and improve with our increasing abilities. Considerable years of creating apps and software from scratch for companies with a variety of business spheres pushed us to the highest level of experience in strategy making, UX, and extensive knowledge of app design.
Full Range of Services
We create user interfaces for mobile (UI): style guides, UI elements, and pixel-perfect mockups. Designing mobile and web interactions: wireframes and low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes is also in our service. Understanding the market our team of experts can give advice most valuable and explicitly fit for your business field. We have experience in:
  • Designing custom websites focusing in the real estate, corporate, and food & medicine industries;
  • Developing logos as well as other brand collateral: websites, packaging, social content, and more;
Minimum Viable Product and Research
The way our professionals view the first steps is customer-developer communication and research prior to the start of the building process. We believe in analyzing the market tendencies and top qualities for the successful launch. Our interest is to create an MVP you need and to reach the aims we set for the project together. Moreover, our goal is to achieve the maximum optimisation of your company by seeing its weaknesses and features that need an immediate improvement to keep up with the constant growing businesses of your competitors. To make such a goal to come into the process, what we need is to outline the monetization strategy and convey a profound research of what is already successful on the market. Let’s look into the key points that most certainly go along with the established strategy.
Unique Graphic Design and Your Brand Image
There are numerous enterprise names and logos that can be immediately remembered by any of us. The memorability of your company’s image and how it is perceived by your broad audience has a substantial impact on a successful future. When starting or upgrading business, you had to adopt an attractive and appealing picture, so your customers and other companies will capture and recognise your enterprise. Even if the business you own have already built up a persona, we see no end to improvement.
Market Analytics
  • Track business rate and start tracking your metrics to interpret the way your company functions best in the current state of the market;
  • Tools, such as Google Analytics will help you to grasp a broader perspective of your business’s dynamics;
  • Change your content and approach by looking into KPI. It will contribute to the increase in productivity by showing what can be done to succeed.
  • Search for an approach that will considerably improve the income and optimise your company’s service;
  • Embedding in-app purchasing will boost and ensure the growth;
  • Consider the audience you are making the product for, as your business success is largely dependent on whether you made it clear or ignored;
  • Develop offers for your loyal customers and implant a particular pricing strategy;
  • Make your product more attractive by a discount system and establish benefits that come with it. Make your product unique.
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      User Experience
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      Cross Communication And User Investigation
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      Mobile UX
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    User Experience or UX is an indispensable step of app design and development. What it aims at is creating traditional and innovative graphic solutions to appeal to the potential clients. UX is something our specialists thoroughly work on to make a model of user behavior tendencies and preferences. Considering the experience we have gained throughout the years, it is safe to say - research that goes into the creation of such projects pays off with clean superior app design. Our approaches are the response to your problem.

    Step By Step Improvement

    To design and develop applications with the utmost user experience what you need to approach first is real user behavior. By investigating and analysing what developers have, they can improve further up and create the product that is ready to go on the market and bring your business to the top. We build prototypes and cases showing the way users perceive and react to the interface and the content posted. This way our app developers can discover and choose the advanced ideas and uncover the best solution you can expect.
    Our application development team in the UK takes great importance in investigation and competitive analysis of what your audience consists of, what is their interest in your product, what leads them on. A full-fledged marketing plan is a core element for user acquisition and retention. We know how to determine the design of the project while improving in the eyes of loyal and previous demographic and appealing to a new customer. Closely cooperating with skilled designers user experience developers test user cases and prototypes to only make it better. Let’s not diminish the significance of the client’s feedback. Through the design process our project teams gather actionable user experience feedback and integrate the appropriate level of changes.There is no issue in adapting interface to your consideration.
    Analysing modern market of various businesses, successful and failing, it is evident how building a web site is crucial in many cases. Unfortunately, not everyone shares such an opinion on challenging business strategy, and you can find the statistics that show only three-quarters own a digital version of their product available. Moreover, the astonishing number of existing web pages are not adjusted to the modern mobile devices used by the majority of population in the world so advanced in technology. We will plan UX architecture: UX specifications, user stories, navigation and hierarchy, user flows, sitemaps, information architecture, and content (data) modeling and create interactive prototypes applying the client’s feedback accordingly.

    Using Apps

    • Draws attention to what you are selling;
    • Takes considerable time to develop and test;
    • Constant content updating;
    • Comprehensible interface;
    • Makes it easier to collect valuable data that users enter while logging in the developed app.
    When time constraints and budget is discussed and set, there are no limits to our working creativity and drive to complete the challenge. Our IT company established a highly functioning system which allows us to produce fitting software and maintain an open communication that leads to mutual understanding and success.

    Mobile-Friendly Website Or App

    In search of the competitive way to present what our customer has, he should decide what option he is eager to proceed with. Some will prefer to develop an app. Other progress with the idea of a user-friendly and responsive web design for mobile devices. While both of approaches have advantages and imperfections, we most definitely will find the solution for your case based on your audience, crucial needs, and desirable aims.

    Website On Your Phone

    • Fewer updates and shorter development process;
    • Websites don’t require intensive testing;
    • No actual need to download something that will take memory space on your mobile;
    • The familiar interface, not as many changes as opposed to building an app.
    Our main focus is mostly on designing and prototyping bespoke mobile and web products that comes from great collaboration, iteration, and a user/business centered approach. We are in power to design and develop your app, create software, eCommerce, mobile web and UI design and help with every other aspect of our built together strategy.