The Best App Designers in London: We Know Our Business

We are passionate specialists who love programming and design. We are happy to convert new ideas into real digital products, like mobile and web apps. We are enthusiastic, creative, and have immense experience in software development.

Our reputation as a software design studio stretches over more than seven years, and we are ready to prove the high expertise.

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Get the Best UI and UX Design in London

Incredible UX and UI layout can take a product to a whole new stage. When the UI design technique is successful, the result is a fluid product that creates the enlightening joy for the consumer. We are the design and development studio based in London, and we are perfectly aware of growing digital market. Our client list spans from smart programs for restaurant bookings to the complex integrated systems that help manage the whole workflow of the enterprise. We are proud of the experienced designers and developers, who are always ready to assist you at any stage of software production and share the expertise to drive you to success.

UX/UI designers

Our London designers create a concept for the way the users will enjoy the service or product through each step of the process. For instance, “when the person clicks here, where will they pass?” or, “what the user should do to return from this step?” UX designers work in wireframes, waft charts, and storyboards. While the UX designer is worried about what pages have which buttons, the UI designer makes a speciality of how design elements are organised and the way they visually talk with the user.

Professionals for all tasks

In general, those obligations are blurred into one job role, but in our London-based agency, we always assign ad-hoc specialists for every project to achieve the best results. All designers consult with each other during the process and elaborate together the outstanding products to satisfy the most demanding requirements.
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    Native, Web, and Hybrid Apps
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    App Designers

What is a wireframe?

A wireframe is a visual presentation of the elements of a mobile program or website. Typically they are created in black and white and can be hand drawn or developed using an online tool.

Why is a wireframe important?

Wireframes are essential to help communicate the vision of an app or site that you are trying to create precisely to the developer or designer you are cooperating with. Wireframes are performed at the very beginning of the design workflow and take much less time than full design work. Creating wireframes make it easier to iterate and deliver a creator the path when turning your idea into an actual product. If you have no idea how to make a wireframe, rely on our app designers in London headquarters and get the best design project visualised.

Understand the process

When you comprehend the full design system, it is less complicated to visualise and apprehend the general intention. Even though there are a lot of steps and phases, our team members are always ready to delineate and explain both the UX and UI designers’ roles in the process, the stages of work, the methods of creation and everything related to the project workflow.
Obviously, preserving the project within the same group on every step of the process is good both for designers and the client. In our well-knit London team, UX designers got used to working in close cooperation with UI creators, ensuring the full understanding inside the working group. Our designers collect the whole experience, starting with asking the client “what is your business?” and finishing with testing and improving the results. All our London developers understand that it is crucial to be friendly, but not nosey and keep the mentality that they are there to achieve common goal. With such approach, the process not only keeps lines of cooperation much shorter but brings more transparency and consequently greater trust, providing a faster turnaround on both ends.

Recognise the pain factors (so you can keep away from them)

Knowing the most common pain factors in these relationships is prime to noticing them earlier than they arrive too far, or even better — to fending off them altogether. There are several pain points that we encounter from time to time:
  • Not defining the goals and strategies. Chances are if the client can not do this, there are much more internal problems that no amount of design can fix. So the strategy and planning of future app are what we pay particular attention to.
  • Not listing out the problems. Every business has problems. When you are able to acknowledge weak points, then our London team of developers can focus on fixing them.
  • Having a closed mind. Clients may have a set vision in mind of what they expect from the end product, but they should always keep an open mind to what the designers are bringing to the table and trust us to do the job that we were hired to do. We are ready to earn that trust and prove the ability to produce the maximum value for your project.
  • Closing communication. The results of the teamwork formidably depend on communication with the client. In this stage of the development process, it is part of the app designer’s job to ask a lot of questions so you should be ready to keep the communication lines open. This way, we can keep moving forward efficiently and quickly.

Know how to keep moving forward

As a client, you should realise what you are searching for the designers able to foresee their clients’ wishes. At the same time, every app developer has to keep up with the industry, that may truly be harder than it sounds. Our app designers from London always keep an eye open for all digital events and latest trends. It is the most precious ability in the fast growing and constantly developing digital world, enabling to move forward and develop brilliant products.
When it comes to design development, the main thing is to choose the kind of application to produce.
  • Native apps live on the gadget and are accessed through icons on the home screen. They are installed from the store (such as Apple’s App Store or Google Play). Native programs are developed specifically for the particular platform and can take all advantage of all the features — use the camera, GPS, accelerometer, the list of contacts, and so on.
  • Web apps are not applications in the full understanding; they are websites that look and feel like native programs but are not implemented the same way. They are run by the browser and typically built in HTML5. Users first access them as any web page: they navigate to a special URL and then have a possibility to “instal” them on the home screen by creating a bookmark.
  • Hybrid apps are part web apps, part native programs. Like the native, they live in an app store and can take benefit of the device features available. Like web applications, they rely on HTML running in a browser, with the caveat that a browser is embedded within the app.

What to choose?

Every type has its advantages and features to consider for every single case.
  • Tool capabilities. Despite the fact that web programs can take benefits of some useful features, native programs (and the native compounds of the hybrid ones) have access to the entire paraphernalia of device-precise functions, consisting of GPS, camera, and notifications.
  • Offline functioning. A native program is excellent in case the program ought to work when there is no connection. In-browser caching is available in html5. However, it is still more confined than what you could get when you go native.
  • Discoverability. Web apps win the prize on discoverability. Content material is more discoverable on the web than in an app: when users have a question or a statistics need, they visit a search engine, type in their query, and select a page from the hunt consequences. They do not need to go to the store, search for something they need, download it, try to find their solution within the program. Although there are app aficionados who may additionally fish for products in digital stores, the majority of customers prefer to set up only the best in the category that they assume to use it frequently.
  • Installation. Downloading a native or hybrid app needs additional efforts: they are really motivated to justify the development price. “Installing” an internet app entails creating a bookmark on the home screen; this manner, even less complicated than downloading a new product from a store, is less familiar to customers, as people don’t use bookmarks that a lot on mobile devices.
  • Maintenance. Maintenance of a native program may be bothersome not only for customers but also for builders: adjustments have to be to be packaged in a new updates and placed in the store. Then again, maintaining a web or a hybrid app is as simple as retaining a web page, and it can be completed as frequently or as often as needed.
  • User interface. If one of the priorities is providing a user experience that is consistent with the operating system and with the majority of programs available on the platform, then native apps are the way to go.
Our London-based agency hires the only expert and extremely professional software developers which bring strategy, design, programming, testing, implementation, promotion and overall support. For every client, we intend to provide the best of all from us. We use the maximum efforts to designing and development of all kinds of applications. The result which you can expect is the software of a world-class developed and designed according to the latest tendencies. We can guarantee you 100% success because we have one of the most talented and experienced crews in London.

UI and app design services

Our priority task is to be sure that your undertaking is an excellent experience. The vital focus is to guarantee that your UI design will take a leader marketplace in usability, layout and innovation. We aim at stability, and this is why we need to build trust-based relations and unceasing communication with the clients. We are here to guide you through the mobile app design, improvement, right advertising and successful marketing launch in London and on the world market.

What do I get?

You get the triumphing design in formats that are perfect for use on the internet and in print. You will get the full legal copyright too, so that the design will be all yours. As a rule, the design is a part of the complete development process, so you get a top notch perfectly designed app.

Can I use images in my design?

Yes. If you have any corporate images (like a logo) that should be included in the app design, you are welcome to submit them to the designers. Otherwise, our London designers can offer new logos to promote the brand. Unless you request otherwise, the designer can also use images purchased from a third party in the design. You will need to buy the stock pictures and provide them to the team, so we complete the project.