Custom Application Development Services: the Full Production Cycle, Quality Assurance and Overall Support

Our company is the top developer of ground-breaking custom solutions for big and small businesses worldwide.

If you need an application that perfectly fits into the enterprise goals and does not require any adaptations or compromises, we are ready to start cooperation right now.

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What is Custom Development?

Custom application development is the creation of programs for a particular client or company. Such apps are built to address the needs as opposed to the traditional and more widespread off-the-shelf products. Such solutions are typically created for the specific organisation by an in-house group of developers or by a third-party on contract and are not packaged to resell. Our company offers the full range of custom application development services for all corporate needs.

The pros of custom development

The benefit to a custom app is the fact it provides options off-the-shelf programs does not. Developing an application with the individual needs in consideration means an increased level of productivity. If you have an application produced to increase efficiency or meet an internal need, the cost of it compensates by the promise of the result you get. If the need of your enterprise is one-of-a-kind to warrant for custom development services, it would be a good choice to address the professional developers as ours to get the best solution.

The cons of custom development

Whereas you can buy an off-the-shelf application, customised products require significantly more resources and thus leads to inherently high costs and risks. When a company decides to get the custom app development services, it has to take into account all costs related to the production process. The dangers associated with custom products vary in accordance with the reason it was developed for. The purchasing part should have an in-depth understanding of their needs and what end product they need to cope with the task. Requirements during the process is a common practice, though it results in extra costs as more time and effort is required. The risk of frequent shifts can lead to a loss of the initial project scope, or a scope creep and can turn into an end product insufficient to the original demands. To avoid such situation, it is imperative to choose the right service provider, who will be able to select the right strategy to minimise the expenses.

Custom Software vs. Off-the-shelf

Off-the-shelf software is a packaged application available to a general public with albeit fundamentally similar needs. As an example, Microsoft Word is developed for the mass audience as a universal solution to the many diverse needs of the users. It does not cater to the exclusive entity's needs like the custom program would. Customised application development services entail the investigation, elaboration and release of a product tailored to a single client. Such software is built keeping the company’s branding, infrastructure, and implementation needs in mind, and it can only work in that organisation.
Off-the-shelf solutions will afford a low cost because the price is being distributed between different users, while custom software is created only for your company.

Choose the Right Development Company

Picking a contractor to design an application is not an easy task. Most small and large enterprises should search for local companies, and then pick the one that promises the right level of services and price. Such groups typically meet with the requesting client to assess the needs and determine the amount of work required to create the custom product.
The developers put in a bid to identify how much time is required and the price associated. These bids are never set in stone as the most complicated projects may require additional development time and may cost more. Selecting a service provider should never come down to the cost, but should instead be a choice on the contractor that will be the most flexible in services and willing to work.
We offer extensible and scalable architecture that provides 24/7 availability for global users as it reduces development risks to a minimum
Our company provides cost and time-effective customised products that help enterprises address functional gaps and achieve corporate intentions efficiently
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We deliver high-quality solutions to the clients that need to boost growth, optimise the workflow, gain recognition, increase income and add considerable value to the business. We create:
  • The enterprise software for internal use that optimises the flow of transactions via joint digital tools, management and automation of systems of accounting.
  • The first-class web apps that manage and keep data in cloud or intranet hostings.
  • The integrated web apps and custom units that add functionality to the existing software.
  • Tools of processes automation - set of corporate systems that combines data from all applications used by the company in the unique database to increase performance.
  • Standard integration of a Microsoft Office set. Microsoft business tools - a necessary thing in any organisation - we guarantee its complete compatibility with your systems and our continuous support.
Business software can sometimes be very sophisticated - it includes a diverse functionality with highly specific features, management systems, large databases, complex processes, and workflow management tools like CMS, CRM, HR programs, accounting systems and so on. Our specialists know the configuration of all these solutions in and out. Our developers will deliver a flawless product that will fully satisfy all the demands. Whether you need a mobile store, a customise delivery tracking system, or a complex enterprise system, our experienced team will find the best solution that will meet your unique requirements.
Our custom app development studio creates different kinds of bespoke programs working on all existing mobile platforms and pocket devices. We follow the basic principles of close communication with the clients and commitment to providing perfect services:
  • Creation of solutions, based on corporate values;
  • Usage of advanced technologies;
  • Implementing high-quality development standards, based on robust Quality Assurance procedures.
We deliver user-friendly mobile applications compatible with the majority of modern devices and offer a sustained support of the product.
Project management in the IT industry has exceptional value because the success of the application in many respects depends on the efficiency of the development services and communication with a client. Our team believes that this stage is crucial because it allows to simplify many procedures and never to miss the deadline. We always establish close cooperation between our groups of developers and the client's representatives to inform on the process and to find all necessary information on the business. Within years we have developed the lean strategy to manage and deliver the custom apps which consists of the following stages:

Stage 1: Discovery

During this phase, our developers carry out a complete investigation of all significant aspects of the business and also discuss requirements with the client. Then we create the scheme of the application and estimate its cost. There are some fundamental questions on which we are concentrated during this stage:
  • App objective;
  • Business models;
  • Complete outline of the system;
  • Development of app architecture;
  • Delivery deadlines;
  • Application integration plan;
  • Evaluation of resources and cost.

Stage 2: Project Delivery

Our experts prepare documentation that describes the development procedure. Transferring everything on paper, we can guarantee complete understanding between our company and the clients. Project Delivery attends to the following points:
  • Project requirements and goals
  • Product scope
  • Project closure
  • System design
  • Key specialists
  • Asset management
  • App implementation
  • Project handover
  • Long-term support
This tried and tested process allows to guarantee the quality of the software and to remain within the budget. We never leave our clients after the application was developed and launched - we ensure the long-term support, regular updates and a variety of other services for all the products we produce.

Stage 3. Post-launch support

Our services stretch far beyond programming and design - we maintain our products at each stage of the lifecycle. Our trained experts will carry market analyse and consult you on the methods to increase the performance of your application even after it has been launched. Our firm is interested in the success of your project; for this reason, we are never satisfied with mediocre results. We are the team of app developers you can entirely rely on.

We hold a long-term partnership with every client. We believe that it is essential to understand the basis of the strategies, development process, and QA principles. A good product should possess the key qualities to bring you to success: user-friendliness, productivity, engagement, and invulnerability. Our custom app development services are not limited to designing bespoke apps; we provide a broad range of IT solutions including website development, integration with existing standard and custom software, QA-tests, post-launch support, training services, and much more.

Our skilful experts provide the ongoing support for each product: they analyse the market, conduct a consumer research, carry out the user reviews, collect the user data, etc. to increase the efficiency of the app and to address new users. We are the team of ambitious experts who love their craft and always fight for perfection.

Therefore we can deliver the upgraded applications for business offering IT solutions in the following areas:

  • Performance improvement and automation: We develop the software that allows automating the workflow: track location, detect errors, monitor production, make cost estimations and time, etc. Besides, we can offer you the advanced control tools, the measuring equipment and systems of accounting.
  • Financial management: Our bespoke applications provide all necessary functionality for internal audit, budgetary planning and operational risk calculations. We are ready to create the apps according to your certain requirements, for example, the integrated cash management system or analytical tools for fund distribution statistics.
  • Workflow management: Business apps are extremely useful in simplification of daily standard procedures. For this reason, each corporation uses many program tools to optimise a documentation flow and deal with daily administration tasks. We deliver innovative solutions in areas of accounting and content management, differentiable custom systems of access and exchange of messages and tools of correspondence. We also create advanced databases with the high level of safety to store the documents and other valuable data.