iOS Developer Contract is a Warranty of Fair Cooperation

We are a perfectly reputable IT company, specialising in the creation of top-notch solutions for iOS-based devices.

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How We Can Help

Our company is an online IT organisation that has perfectly trained iOS builders, engineers, programmers, coders and specialists with many years of experience. We have a solid partnership with clients from around the globe, from individual entrepreneurs to huge corporations, both on a long and short term. We ensure that the parties concerned have ideal communication to maximise performance. Our developers thoughtfully examine the projects and targets and supply a complete development plan; a document supposed to detail the mission's scope, cost, execution, and management. In other words, you come with the concept, and we to manage the whole thing, from bureaucracy to implementation and execution. A team of iOS specialists will be carefully chosen to fit your requirements.

Our staff

Our development agency can boast of the most gifted programmers on the global market. Some of them are renowned international. We invest a lot in our professionals. Our rigorous selection and training guarantees that the iOS app developer is an expert programmer able to supply exactly what you need and when you need as deadlines are sacred to us.

Our Skills

The in-house developers of our company specialise in the iOS development, wireframing, responsive UX/UI design, e-commerce solutions and consulting for start-ups as well as corporations, software testing, AppStore optimisation, post-launch support many other highly professional services for all business needs.

Legal Contracts Needed When Working with iOS Developers

When someone’s job is designing and developing mobile apps, this entails a range of responsibilities. There is a distinction between simply making apps and being an expert iOS developer. In case a programmer is critical about a career in mobile apps, s/he should to step up the recreation and undertake professional, high-quality practices, starting with proper business contracts.
A written contract protects developers and the clients they work with. A properly drafted agreement can guarantee that a contractor receives a commission for the work performed, a customer gets the product of the appropriate quality and prevents from painful and highly-priced legal headaches.
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    Privacy Policy

In line with copyright regulation, the developer owns the code from the moment it is “fixed in tangible shape.” In other words, the developer owns the copyright as soon as he presses “Save,” even in case he hasn’t launched anything before. This additionally counts, for the layout and creative content that goes at the app. When collaborating with a development company, the client receives the rights on all components of the product.

In a great variety of cases, iOS developers additionally use workings of others to construct your app. You should make certain they have all the right to use them. Otherwise, you might be exposed to third parties’ claims to revenues. That is what the Technology Assignment Agreement is aimed at. It is a basic contract in which a person will assign to developers (or to the development company, if they are incorporated) the intellectual property of the workings.

As with every contract, it requires consideration to be legitimate. Consideration is, in reality, the value exchanged to have the IP rights. It is usually money (any price will do, but symbolic amounts like $1 may be contested), but can also be equity in the organisation. It could also be a promise, consisting of a certain percent of future sales or revenues. The critical matters are the representations and warranties of the person that assigns the copyright. For example, this phase will state that:

  • Developer is the only owner of all IP rights and title.
  • App creator will not assign such rights to anybody else.
  • Programmer is not aware of any infringement, violation, or misappropriation of any third party’s rights by the IP.
  • Developer was not acting within the employment by any third party when creating IP ( if it is a case, the IP belongs to the employer).

Notice that there is often a non-disclosure provision included inside this kind of agreement. It is pretty preferred and should not be a negotiated point.

If you use contractors to build any component of the app, you need a document that goes by different names: Work for Hire Agreement, Independent Contractor Agreement, or even Contract for Mobile Application Development Services. They are essentially the same, as long as they contain a “work for hire” clause like:

“Work for Hire. The Developer expressly acknowledges and agrees that any all proprietary materials prepared by the Developer under this Agreement shall be considered “works for hire” and the exclusive property of the Company unless otherwise specified. These items shall include, but shall not be limited to, any and all deliverables resulting from the Developer’s Services or contemplated by this Agreement, all tangible results and proceeds of the Services, works in progress, records, diagrams, notes, drawings, specifications, schematics, documents, designs, improvements, inventions, discoveries, developments, trademarks, trade secrets, customer lists, databases, software, programs, middleware, applications, and solutions conceived, made, or discovered by the Developer, solely or in collaboration with others, during the Term of this Agreement relating in any manner to the Developer’s Services.”

The advantage of a work-for-hire agreement is that it takes care of the IP assignment. Signed in a timely fashion, i.e. before any work is performed, this contract ensures that all the code and design the contractor will build for you is automatically assigned to you.

Though, developers always try to retain the so-called “portfolio rights”, so that they can show their work to future clients.

Often referred to as “service agreement” or other variants of it, this contract is substantially distinctive from the above mentioned in the IP provisions; the copyright is not assigned by default; however, it is licensed by the patron or commissioner for a fee (constant or periodical). Licensing lets freelance iOS builders personalise their offerings, for instance:

  • They could restrict the scope of the license to a particular mission or product, geographic location or term;
  • They can make a client pay a premium for specific use of the code;
  • They can define a unique IP remedy for the so-called “tools” (i.e. the snippets of code or fonts which developer include more than one tasks. Simply due to the fact they are in a few task does not suggest that client owns the tool. The developer simply gives the customer permission to continue using it.)
Most of the time iOS developers search for a compromise between licensing and work-for- hire. A comprehensive service contract is usually the best of both worlds.
As for now, a developer is not violating the law in case he does not have a privacy policy in place, means that he does not collect private data like financial information, or health-related data. Nevertheless, a developer is get caught in the regulatory net of the European Union’s stricter privacy policies. Furthermore, Apple’s App Store has terms that require updated and “legally adequate” privacy policy for all products that demands usernames and passwords. So, there is a high probability that your app needs Privacy Policy. There are several free unfastened privateness coverage mills obtainable, with the handiest


A non-disclosure agreement is the last, but not the least. Such contract is pretty standard in digital business, and every respected iOS developer should sign it. In our company, we start cooperation from discussing the details and signing the NDA. We guarantee the confidentiality of all the data provided. Even if we just make an estimation of the project, you can be sure that all your ideas and materials are under the reliable protection. We are ready to talk in details about every level of conspiracy. It is up to you to decide: Whether we could name the company-developer in the project; Whether our agency could mention your project in our portfolio; Whether you authorise the portfolio rights; What data must not be disclosed, etc. Such approach is a warrant of the irreproachable confidentiality and relations based on loyalty.

Our services have a trial period when you can go into reverse for any reason, with none penalty. We strive for perfection within every technical element in addition to the high-level customer service.

The important part of our work is making our clients happy, and we have succeeded in doing so since the foundation of the company. We can honestly say that the majority of our clients had nothing but good feedbacks for us; telling us how stoked they saw their thoughts coming to fruition, how proud they felt to have created something completely satisfied. We had a few quite ecstatic employers who have used the offerings of our iOS developers for years, lots of whom became lifelong companions.

The most of our first-time clients become regulars due to the fact they are so satisfied with our performance. Many customers want to monetise the apps we developed, and most of them succeed, turning a significant profit from the income.

Our corporation proudly declares that we have never had any kind of legal issues with our clients. Our internal policy is foolproof, and we reserve the right to discontinue any rapport with an employer if we have reasonable doubts that he is sick-indented or out of criminal/ethical boundaries. Just as reserves the right to reject any iOS app or software from the public market if the company deems vital because of a particular moral/ethical principle.

Our company specialises in multiple areas, but we have app builders that are uniquely talented in iOS development. We have so many stories from our clients: companies increased their sales, websites expanded visitors, people reached fame with a number of apps they invented.

The developers of our studio make use of many tools and understand the advantages of third-party structures. The use of such platforms gives us an opportunity to code in any language apart from Objective-C and Swift, consequently decreasing the development time.

Being able to build applications on iOS platform is something our developers and designers absolutely adore, and their passion is evident in the multiple projects they work on.