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Development Process: Where to Start and How to Proceed

“What do I want to realise?”, “How should it work?” - There might be a lot of thought provoking questions running via your mind if you have an idea for an app which you are seeking to get developed. If you have never created an app before, it is normal to be quite confused on the starting point, so it would be better to hire a designer or development crew in London, and discuss with them the resulting work. Before address a software programmer, designer or development company in London, you should have:
  • a significant expertise of the user (the target market)
  • properly articulated consumer testimonies (a listing of things a person would possibly want to get when using the product)
  • early wireframes- hand-drawn or made another way(visible architecture)
  • a price range (money set apart for the project)
  • dedication to spending time on growing your undertaking (your input is half-success)
If you have an only slight idea of the future product, our London-based IT agency will be happy to discover all the aspects to shape the concept into a working project.

Cooperation with the External Team

Stage 1: Preliminary telephone call or consultation with the team
Finding the right developer in London to take on your mission may be a venture. You should have an initial phone call or Skype session with a development team to define what you are trying to achieve and get a feeling of satisfaction cooperating with them, their ability set, and normal match for the venture.
Stage 2: Signing a contract
Before sign a contract with a person or group, it’s crucial to recognise what is exactly signed. Most solid builders or development corporations, like our London agency, sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) from the start to defend the idea, but it is really worth paying particular attention to the conditions listed. Some other issues to figure out before signing a contract is whether your venture is going to be charged on the time-based model or can be finished for a flat rate. If the assignment is charged on time primarily based model, it is going to be even more crucial so that you should have clear deliverables mentioned inside the contract.
Stage 3: Wire-framing
After you sign an agreement, normally that is when the wireframing begins. Wireframing is basically the visible architecture of what is going to be placed on every web page of the app and how it all links collectively. Wireframing is vital to define the overall scope of the assignment and to have a mutual know-how of what is needed to be built.
Stage 4: Design
After wireframing is done, developers commonly begin the design phase to get high-resolution .psd files displaying what the app will look like while it is miles created. This stage is where you may flesh out emblems, colours, styling, fonts, and many others. Here in London, our designers keep an eye on the latest trends of the digital market and will consult on the preferable colour schemes, logos and layout solutions. We always provide several variants of the design to choose the one a client like the most. When everybody are happy with the visible design, the developers can proceed to the improvement level.
Stage 5: Improvement
While operating through the development stage, it is critical that you, as the patron, are updated on the development at every step of the procedure. Typically this is executed via some control device. Errors made at this stage of the advent can be expensive, so it is going to be vital with the intention to have constant communication with the improvement crew.
Stage 6: Beta testing
Beta checking out or user testing is accomplished after you have got a completed version of the product. Beta testing is used to test the program in various environments and conditions to make certain that the program is launched without principal bugs or crashes, and that actual users are comfy with the operation of the app. Commonly it is lumped into the development contract so ensure that this point is included before to start collaborating with a development team in London.
Stage 7: Launch
The day X has finally come! The app is finished, examined and equipped to start. The method of publishing the product to the app store can take a couple of weeks. On iOS, Apple evaluates each program submission and can ask to make modifications before publishing it. Our London app development company has vast experience in software production and launch, so cooperating with us, a client gets the product in compliance with the guidelines of the stores to avoid extra rough goings when launching. Our marketing managers will help to compose the right description and choose the best screenshots to make the page of the product the most attractive
Stage 8: Post- launch
After launching the app, it is far imperative to get feedback out of the customers so the developers can make future updates on the program and comprise remarks in the adjustments. You additionally need a manager to track the overall performance of the application. Here in our London software development company, we never leave off our clients and always ready to offer researches and improvements after the official launch.
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    Cooperate the Pros
Lots of us have dreamed up top notch thoughts for cell apps. In our London development agency, we do not only dream, but we also turn the boldest ideas into life. We are sure that we can create progressive and outstanding product able to generate immense enchantment, gain big name to the brand and outflank other apps in the magnificence and operation capabilities. We are here to transform our experience into your future success. When the program has already passed through all the stages of development and ready for launch, there is still a plenty of work to do. You need to take extra essential steps that allow to get an app accessible and appeal to users.

The month before

  • Define success. To understand whether the project is succeeding, it is vital to set some concise desires. Keep the simple, start by putting goals around active deploy fees, a variety of evaluations and average rating score.
  • Create the video. The video is one of the most efficient and expressive ways to show off the app’s interface and design. It would also be perfect to create the extend video that demonstrates the features and workflow. At this stage you may even not put money into a production team — by the use of a telephone screen emulator, it is possible without difficulty to create easy, professional-looking video tutorials that exhibit the app's coolest features.
  • Determine the area of promotion. If you are launching software for Android, there is no need to submit it to every shop. Centralise the client base and assign the promotions to drive all potential customers to one shop. This may permit the product to get higher scores, ranking and greater visibility. Start with a professional and the most famous smartphone market in London, then enlarge to others when you begin to gain recognition.

A few days before

  • Attain the London press. Ideally, reporters and bloggers ought to be able to post content material about the product while it launches so that you should allow them to know about it in advance. Pick a handful of reporters to reach out to pre-release, and make sure they realise the unique date and time that the app is released. Reserve time to answer questions and make yourself ready to communication with the press the day before and the day of launch, if they will need any additional information.
  • Provide a sneak peek. If it is possible to offer London media previews of the app, then do it. Allowing reviewers to play around with the app before it is available to the general public enables making their articles more in-depth and knowledgeable.
  • Prepare and finalise visual belongings. The more visuals, including pictures, icons, screenshots and video, the prettier and more dynamic the ensuing articles, advertising and collateral marketing will appear, and the greater thrilling and communicative it will be on the target market. Ensure each reporter you are in contact with has access to all belongings before the software is released.
  • Reach out to everyone on the press list. Optimistically there will be plenty of tremendous reviews the day of release. To boost recognition, attain out for the multiplied list of relevant reporters and bloggers in London and let them know about the launch. Be sure to ship records about the product to the large app evaluate websites and other guides which would probably like to know about it.
  • Tap the current customers. If you are launching a brand-new product, inspire the existing enthusiasts to help the product unfold the word. Leveraging the present network to evangelise the product could have an immense effect for the launch. Attain your current client base via blog, social media, newsletter or all the three, and be sure to ask customers to help the brand to spread the world. Remember a refer-a-friend marketing campaign to enhance the reaction.
  • Be social. Tweet and put up to Facebook when the app is released and a few more instances at some point of the day. Attempt a retweet campaign coupled with a giveaway-specific hashtag to reinforce Twitter activity and capitalise on the excitement of the launch. And don’t forget to monitor all social media channels closely; respond with an easy “thank you” or retweet users when suitable.
After the remarkable launch, how is it possible to sustain the momentum and prevent the program from dipping under the radar?
  • Paid advertising and marketing. In case the app is hot, commonly paid merchandising campaigns will maintain it seen and extend the momentum that the launch, customers and press attention have already garnered. However, take advantage rapid, and make sure the campaigns are staying within some days after launch.
  • Partner up with different app developers in London. Integrating with various apps can be a first-rate way to make stronger abilities of the app and get it in the front of the latest, already engaged audiences. To select the proper integration accomplice, assume about what is the maximum precious for the current customers. Don’t pick out the partner only based on the scale of its consumer base — regularly that is not vital for the earliest levels of cognizance.
  • Retain to have interaction with the customers. Be active on social media: ask the customers questions and respond to their inquiries, thoughts and comments the right away. If they make pointers that any update is needed, make sure to thank them for contributing.
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