Featured Web Applications

(a web application for spa resort to improve client management)

For service providers like our client who focus on customer satisfaction, it is mission-critical to eliminate hassle and fuss at the reception. Being a successful and leading spa resort owner, our customer wanted to develop a web solution that will eliminate all the fuss and improve clients management. We have developed a highly complex web management system for multiple users implementing an intuitive design. Cloud-based solution allows to process a real-time queue management and other operations synching the activity of all users and safely storing all the companies and clients data. Web technologies enable access to the workplace and control over the situation from any location and device.


Garage door
(a web application for overhead garage company to improve communication between customers and company staff with calculating functionality)

An overhead garage doors providing and installing company approached us to build a web application for the staff. The company used to operate its services via telephone calls what significantly lengthen the whole procedure of purchasing, installing and aftercare. We developed an app that streamlines the whole process and improves interaction between the company and its customers. The application implies several types of users: clients who can submit a complaint, service team who get the complaints with detailed information on address, client’s name, and the problem description via push notification features so that they can executively respond to the complaint. Among other app’s features, there is also price calculating. Whether a customer wants to install the door or make some repair work, he or company employee can easily count the price entering the metrics data such as material, size, design peculiarities and others.

Business Listing
(a new web portal with external integration based on existing dashboard)

A web service that provides businesses with online identity solutions and business listing for businesses of all sizes faced the problem that their existing portal became too slow to serve all logged-in users and pretty often left them frustrated while loading. The company outsourced our dedicated development team to breathe a new life into their dashboard improving UI design as well. Our team helped to transform existing program into a highly responsive system. In spite of a huge amount of service clients we handled the portal’s multiple report generations and ensured that the dashboard helps businesses to monitor and maximise their digital marketing. The overall speed and efficiency of the web service work were increased ensuring faster response to users’ actions and requests.


Business Links
(an HR web portal for recruiting and building business relationships with other companies)

The digital age influence on all our spheres of activities even newspaper reading process transformed. So our client decided to create a portal which will replace newspaper’s job offers section. Our task was to create a job placement portal. The portal also should provide additional functionality which enables professionally oriented communication and empowers registered users to build business connections with specialists all over the world. Our IT experts also implemented several levels of caching to provide higher speed at higher users attendance. Employers and business owners can also use this platform for their brand promotion via regular posting of company news.

TV analyst
(an analytical software collecting data and reporting on audience preferences)

A broadcasting company was looking for a solution that will help it to increase ratings. The company approached our software engineers to take advantage of modern IT and create a smart, analytical web tool. We developed an application that collect information on TV audience reach and channel popularity and display it via visualised system by means of graphs and pie charts. The program intelligence allows performing analytical operations on collected data so TV-programmers and advertisers can use it for writing a more engaging channel program.


Forms Builder
(a web service for creating forms for native iOS apps)

One of other project was dedicated to the development of an efficient web platform for smooth integration of customised forms into iOS devices. A web service is a handy tool for building custom forms for contacts, surveys, and invitations for iPhones and iPads. The application can generate forms of any desired content and suggests several ways for users’ answers, such as checkboxes, buttons, and text fields. Our app designers ensured that forms are easy to personalise and style enabling web service users to adjust layout, select a preferred theme, fonts and colour pattern. The web tool creates forms that can be easily implemented into native iOS apps.